Pixel Dungeon


A traditional roguelike adapted to Android devices



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Pixel Dungeon is a traditional roguelike where players have to choose a character from among the four available classes, and try to get as far as possible in a dungeon full of monsters and traps.

At the beginning of each game players can choose between a warrior, mage, thief, or hunter. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages, and you'll need to know them to be able to make the most of them.

Gameplay in Pixel Dungeon is identical to that of traditional roguelikes: advance through the levels of the dungeon, confront enemies in turn-based combat, find and kit yourself out with the best weapons and armor you come across, get experience and level up, and basically try to survive as long as possible.

The novelty of Pixel Dungeon with respect to classic games in the genre lies in the fact that it incorporates a simple and intuitive control system, making it really easy to control your character. No more baroque and confusing interfaces.

Pixel Dungeon is an excellent roguelike that takes the best of the classic games from the genre to combine it with a modern control system and charming pixelated graphics.
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Requires Android 2.2 or higher

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